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:: Welcome to my new home! ::
:: Crystal Bright ::
Come on in and have a seat!
Hi all!  My name is Crystal Bright and
believe it or not, that's not a pen name
either!  Welcome to my new website.  I'd
like to give a big, hearty thank-you to my
sister, Tikki, who created my very first
website! Thanks so much, Teekster!
What's a girl to do?
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What do I write:
Recognize this picture?
This was the photograph used
during the
Romantic Times
"American Title" Contest.
My friend Pat White and me
This was taken at the July 2003
RWA New York Conference.  Be
sure to buy her books,
Long Contemporary romance.
Single-title romance.
Light paranormal romance.
And everything else in between!
Kisses to all those who
stood by me and said I
would make it!
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life that is!
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